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Schools protest as Valencia fails to pay up

Las Culturas school in Torrevieja

Schools in the Valencia region have not received financial support since April 2011. This stark fact has led to recent protests across the region. Las Culturas CEIP in Torrevieja is one of the many schools that have held local protests as well as taking part in regional marches and demonstrations against the attack on their budgets.

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La Liga: Málaga find form

Manuel Pellegrini’s side push for a European place with a 2-1 win over Sevilla.

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Amar y Vivir

Humanity’s greatest excesses lead to its everlasting successes!

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Is Greece poised to give the euro a boost?

Is Greece about to lending a helping hand to the euro against the pound? It could be, following reports that Greek officials are nearing an agreement with bondholders regarding a debt haircut.

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Even Spanish TV feels the pain

State broadcaster RTVE warns that a 20-percent reduction in funding means an end to big-budget original programming and more repeats.

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Tax hikes to hit residents

Spain: Tax hikes to hit residents

We all know that Spain, like many other EU countries, is in the doldrums as far as its economy is concerned and is expected to find the remedy, fast. Unsurprisingly, the PP government intends to try and address the deficit through cutting budgets and increasing revenue from taxes. A tidy sum of €8.9 billion is to be cut from government departments and €6.2 billion collected by the Tax Authority.

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