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Amar y Vivir

Humanity’s greatest excesses lead to its everlasting successes!


"Franco's cruel Spain did everything wrong..."

The Great Inquisition did nothing for the Church, it led to Protestantism, to separation between Church and State and to a work ethic celebrating reconciliation and collaboration that became the precursor of modern western society and all its wealth.

Japan’s infliction of terrible horrors led not only to its inevitable defeat, but indirectly to its ultimate wealth. (America wrote its Constitution!)

Germany’s idiotic pre-war dreams about domination led not only directly to its defeat but to wealth attributable as much to production as to enforced tolerance. (America wrote its Constitution!)

Franco’s cruel Spain did everything wrong, creating a nation the exact opposite of what he killed for. There no longer exists a fixed  ‘ruling’ class even though hidden remnants remain, a country where the Monarchy is a decoration and where the Military and the Church have lost all their power and esteem, a place where ‘Godless’ socialism, while not doing too well these days, has democratically reigned and reigned. The rotund midget of the medals must be rolling over in his grave, as I wish he would so he could be brought to justice.

The time also having come for Islam to dispatch its followers to the West, not to fight, but to seriously study the beneficial effects of individual and State tolerance and from Pakistan to Syria, from Gaza to Libya for preachers and real leaders to understand how history dictates it is impossible for a people to prosper, if the art of compromise and tolerance hasn’t entered its culture.

That despite appearances, violence never, ever pays!

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Published: Jan 31 2012
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