SPAIN: AT BREAKING POINT? A political and economic analysis for 2013 IBERIANS OF THE YEAR: The most influential people and groups of 2012



Guy Hedgecoe

Andrew Eatwell


James Badcock

Nick Lyne

Rob Train

Marty Delfin

Susana Urra

Charles Butler

Sonia Alegre

Carlos Cabrera

Joe McMahon

Phil Minshull

Dermot Corrigan

Olwen Mears

Deirdre Finnerty

James Blick

Víctor Manuel Pérez Martínez

Maira Cabrini


Halima Ali

Sarath Balachandran

Edward Marks

Anthony Steyning

Christopher Coats

Suzanne O’Connell

Ter García

C.S. Ogden

Rafael Álvarez

João Vasco Almeida

Lucía de la Sierra

Alan Murphy

Edward Hugh

Anna Maria O’Donovan

Mark Boyd

Joseph Walker

Alfred Bosch

David McManus

Gonzalo Toca

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