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Understanding Spanish culture

Spanish culture

From siestas to time management, tapas to the heat and the hugging, here’s our brief guide to help prepare you for understanding the Spanish culture.

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World Youth Day: Between faith and criticism

Madrid played host to the 26th World Youth Day (WYD) in a political, economic and social atmosphere overshadowed by the economic and employment crisis. Though the Catholic Church in Spain argues that WYD is an apostolic event, it cannot ignore the fact that certain voices, both inside and outside of the Church, are critical of the strategies used by the organization.

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Moving to Spain: A guide to get you started

Moving to Spain? Our handy guide covers everything to get you help get you started on your new life in Spain.

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Visas and residency permits for Portugal

Here is a brief look at visa and residence permit requirements on entering Portugal.

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Zapatero: a pope’s best friend

Spain’s Socialist government has upset the Catholic Church a number of times. But as Benedict XVI visits Madrid, he should recognise how much it has also helped him in recent years.

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Mourinho’s second coming suggests serious title tilt for Real Madrid

The Portuguese coach has always moved up a level in his second season at a club and with several new recruits and a lean Karim Benzema, Madrid will give Barça a run for their money.

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