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Spain’s buried past

Spain's buried past

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Spain’s Second Republic. But with many mass graves from the Civil War era still not excavated and those who dare probe the crimes of the past facing legal action themselves, the country still appears reluctant to face up to its violent past.

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Betis are back after a trip to hell


After a shambolic time on and off the football field, Betis are back in Spain’s top division. A few legal and financial issues notwithstanding, the club could make an impact on its return to La Liga.

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Madrid’s new river

Manzanares River, Madrid

Madrid has a river running through it. Or, more exactly, around it. And, even more exactly, it’s not a fully fledged river. More of a tributary. And, while we’re being brutally honest, as far as waterways go it’s not that big on water either.

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The king of the ring returns, but can he save bullfighting?


José Tomás is the most charismatic and controversial figure in bullfighting and his announced return to action after injury is big news for aficionados. But Spain’s corrida tradition is facing some obstacles that even Tomás might struggle to overcome.

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Malcontents in search of democracy


In recent weeks Spain has witnessed campouts and protests over the political system and the economy. In different cities citizens, mostly young, have taken over public squares to express their opinions, highlight their grievances and try to create, at least initially, a (non-virtual) social network that they hope will translate into a movement that makes clear the real power of citizens in a democratic society. Although some of the protests have been violent, the movement has acted quickly to distance itself from illegal courses of action.

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From Spain to the US for child basketball prodigy

ricky rubio

Child basketball prodigy Ricky Rubio will see his dream come true in October when he suits up for his first game as an NBA player with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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