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It’s gonna be a love fest at the Goya awards

Expect few surprises when Spain’s film community gather to celebrate the best and the brightest. The main event will be a very public reconciliation between Pedro Almodóvar and the Spanish Film Academy.


Salma Hayek is nominated for a best actress award in the Goyas.

With 16 nominations, Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In (La piel que habito) will probably sweep the board on Sunday February 19, when Spain’s Film Academy announces the winners in the 26th annual Goya Awards.

Bringing up second place will likely be Enrique Urbizu’s thriller No Rest for the Wicked, which has 14 nominations, followed by Kike Maillo’s directorial debut Eva with 12.

Sunday night looks set to be a very public kiss and make up between Oscar-winning Almodóvar and the Academy, bringing to an end a frosty few years.

The 16 nominations end a period of chilly relations between Almodóvar and the Spanish academy, which the director quit five years ago over changes to the voting system. He made the first step toward reconciliation at the 2010 awards, although his Broken Embraces had been overlooked for the top prizes. He formally rejoined last year.

“Pedro will be delighted with the news of so many nominations,” Skin producer and Pedro’s brother Agustín Almodóvar told El País newspaper. “The Academy has given us a generous welcome. It’s like a big hug.”

The Skin I Live In will compete with Wicked and Benito Zambrano’s drama The Sleeping Voice, along with Mateo Gil’s Blackthorn for the top honour at the Goya ceremony in Madrid.

The same four films will be battling it out for the top director category as well.

In the lead actor category, Antonio Banderas will be hoping to take the prize for The Skin I Live In, facing off against Daniel Brühl in Eva, Luis Tosar in Sleep Tight, and José Coronado in No Rest for the Wicked.

Salma Hayek is up for best actress for her role in Alex de la Iglesia’s As Luck Would Have It. She will go against Verónica Echegui for Katmandu: A Mirror In the Sky, directed by Icíar Bollaín, and Elena Anaya for Skin and Inma Cuesta for The Sleeping Voice.

Full list of nominees below:


The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar.

No Rest for the Wicked, Enrique Urbizu.

The Sleeping Voice, Benito Zambrano.

Blackthorn, Mateo Gil.



Pedro Almodóvar, The Skin I Live In.

Benito Zambrano, The Sleeping Voice.

Enrique Urbizu, No Rest for the Wicked.

Mateo Gil, Blackthorn.


New Director

Paula Ortiz, De tu ventana a la mía.

Kike Maillo,  Eva.

Paco Arango, Maktub.

Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, Verbo.


Original Script

Miguel Barros, Blackthorn.

Marti Roca, Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente and Aintza Serra, Eva.

Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris.

Enrique Urbizu and Michel Gaztambide, No Rest for the Wicked.


Adapted Script

Angel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca and Rosanna Cecchini, Wrinkles.

Icíar Bollaín, Katmandu.

Pedro Almodóvar, The Skin I Live In.

Benito Zambrano and Ignacio del Moral, The Sleeping Voice.


Original Score

Lucio Godoy, Blackthorn.

Evgueni Galperine and Sacha Galperine, Eva.

Alberto Iglesias, The Skin I Live In.

Mario de Benito, No Rest for the Wicked.


Original Song

Debajo del limón, from De tu ventana a la mía.

Nana de la hierbabuena, from La voz dormida.

Nuestra playa eres tu, from Maktub.

Verbo, from Verbo.


Lead Actor

Daniel Brühl, for Eva.

Antonio Banderas, for The Skin I Live In.

Luis Tosar, for Mientras duermes.

Jose Coronado, for No Rest for the Wicked.


Lead Actress

Verónica Echegui, for Katmandu: un espejo en el cielo.

Elena Anaya, for The Skin I Live In.

Inma Cuesta, for La voz dormida.

Salma Hayek, for As Luck Would Have It.


Supporting Actor

Juan Diego, for 23-F: la película.

Lluis Homar, for Eva.

Juanjo Artero, for No Rest for the Wicked.

Raul Arevalo, for Cousins.


Supporting Actress

Goya Toledo, for Maktub.

Maribel Verdú, for De tu ventana a la mía.

Pilar López de Ayala, for Intruders.

Ana Wagener, for The Sleeping Voice.


New Actor

Jose Mota, for As Luck Would Have It.

Jan Cornet, for The Skin I Live In.

Adrian Lastra, for Cousins.

Marc Clotet, for The Sleeping Voice.

New Actress

María León, for The Sleeping Voice.

Blanca Suárez, for The Skin I Live In.

Michelle Jener, for No tengas miedo.

Alba García, for Verbo.


Production Design

Andrés Santana, for Blackthorn.

Toni Carrizosa, for Eva.

Toni Novella, for The Skin I Live In.

Paloma Molina, for No Rest for the Wicked.



Juan Antonio Ruiz Anchia, for Blackthorn.

Arnau Valls Colomer, for Eva.

Jose Luis Alcaine, for The Skin I Live In.

Unax Mendia, for No Rest for the Wicked.



David Gallart, for Blackthorn.

Elena Ruiz, for Eva.

José Salcedo, for The Skin I Live In.

Pablo Blanco, for No Rest for the Wicked.


Artistic Director

Juan Pedro de Gaspar, for Blackthorn.

Laia Colet, for Eva.

Antxon Gomez, for The Skin I Live In.

Anton Laguna, for No Rest for the Wicked.



Clara Bilbao, for Blackthorn.

Paco Delgado, for The Skin I Live In.

Maria Jose Iglesias Garcia, for The Sleeping Voice.

Patricia Monne, for No Rest for the Wicked.


Makeup and Hair

Ana Lopez-Puigcerver and Belen Lopez-Puigcerver, for Blackthorn.

Concha Rodriguez and Jesus Martos, for Eva.

Karmele Soler, David Marti and Manolo Carretero, for The Skin I Live In.

Montse Boqueras, Nacho Diaz and Sergio Perez, for No Rest for the Wicked.



Daniel Fontrodona, Marc Orts and Fabiola Ordoyo, for Blackthorn.

Jordi Rossinyol, Oriol Tarrago and Marc Orts, for Eva.

Ivan Marin, Marc Orts and Pelayo Gutierrez, for The Skin I Live In.

Licio Marcos de Oliveira and Ignacio Royo-Villanova, for No Rest for the Wicked.


Special Effects

Arturo Balseiro and Lluis Castells, for Eva.

Raul Romanillos and David Heras, for Intruders.

Reyes Abades and Eduardo Diaz, for The Skin I Live In.

Raul Romanillos and Chema Remacha, for No Rest for the Wicked.


Animated Feature


Carthago Nova.

Papa, soy una zombi

The Little Wizard.


Documentary Film

30 anos de oscuridad.

El cuaderno de barro.

Escuchando al juez Garzon.



Ibero-American Film

Boleto al paraiso.

Miss Bala.

Un cuento chino.

Violeta se fue a los cielos.


European Film

Jane Eyre.


The Artist.

Un dios salvaje.


Spanish Fiction Short

El barco pirata.

Matar a un nino.

El premio.

Meine Liebe.


Animated Short


Quien aguanta mas

Big Boy.



Documentary Short


Nuevos tempos.

Regreso a Viridiana.

Virgen negra.

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