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Spanish music mourns passing of Pacheco and Morente

Spain has lost a legendary producer and an iconic flamenco singer in recent weeks. Between them their careers covered everything from ballet to The Smiths.

December 27th, 2010 | Posted in Culture, Featured, Music | Read More »

Spain’s anti-P2P “Sinde law”: Her Master’s Voice?

The country’s illegal downloading industry continues to confound Spanish authorities, after legislation to curb it flopped despite pressure from the United States.

December 23rd, 2010 | Posted in Culture | Read More »

Wikileaks: Washington’s peculiar view of Spain

The release of classified US State Department documents offers some intriguing insights into Spanish politics; it also highlights the complex relationship between the United States and Spain.

December 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Politics | Read More »

Was Hollywood’s first “talkie” in Spanish?

Al Jolson’s The Jazz Singer, from 1927, has always been credited as being the first motion picture “talkie”. But a little-known reel released four years earlier starring Spanish singer Concha Piquer may well rewrite film history.

December 20th, 2010 | Posted in Culture, Films | Read More »

Spain’s air traffic strike: We’ve been here before

The dramatic recent strike by airport controllers had been threatening to boil over for a long time. However, a number of reasons –both technical and political– meant it came to a head at the worst possible moment.

December 13th, 2010 | Posted in Politics | Read More »

Spain’s doping habit threatens to sully golden year

The arrest of Spanish athlete Marta Domínguez and 13 others for alleged drug offences highlights a major problem for a global leader in sport.

December 10th, 2010 | Posted in Sports | Read More »

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