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Mourinho shuns headlines to underline Madrid’s new balance of power

The pro-Real Madrid press has been trumpeting the imminent arrival of either Neymar or Sergio Agüero in recent weeks. The fact that neither is likely to play for Real quite yet reflects not just the banality of the sports press during the summer months, but also that the club’s coach can now say no when he wants to.

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Celebrating Santiago’s ever-changing afterlife


July 25 is the Feast of St James, or Santiago, the patron saint of Spain. While his life was eventful, it was after James’s death that a series of legends sprang up, using the saint’s figure as a constantly changing representation of the hopes of the Spanish people.

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¡Viva la corrupción!

Valencia leader Francisco Camps has finally stepped down. But the corruption allegations he faces and the way he has weathered the storm so far reflect badly not just on him, but also on his party and an electorate that kept returning him to power.

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Democracy 2.0 and the 15-M movement

For years, people have been talking about Democracy 2.0: the use of communications technologies to create public areas in cyberspace based on democratic principles. Nonetheless, the phrase tends to generate uncertainty, especially because of the tendency to put the 2.0 tag on any new development on the internet, obscuring, in a way, the principles that underlie these developments. If we are referring to democracy, it will exist on the web solely on the basis of the methods and criteria used to design and organize websites.

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Revisiting Laurie Lee’s Spain

Laurie Lee

It is 20 years since the completion of Laurie Lee’s classic autobiographical trilogy, ‘Red Sky at Sunset’. His descriptions of travels and war in Spain may hark back to the first half of the 20th century, but they remain fresh and insightful today.

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Video: “The Socialists know they’re not going to win…”

Socialist Party candidate Rubalcaba outlined the direction he plans to take the party in at the weekend, pledging changes that appeal to Spain’s traditional Socialist voter base. Iberosphere co-editor Guy Hedgecoe argues that he is unlikely to have to follow through on his promises.

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