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Spain’s Congress protests in pictures

Photographer Felipe Fuente witnessed the protests around Spain's Congress during the last week of September. His photographs reflect a tense few days that saw social unrest intensify and the police widely criticised for their handling of the situation.


Spanish protests in pictures

 All images: Felipe Fuente


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Published: Oct 2 2012
Category: Politics, Featured, Spain News
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1 Comment for “Spain’s Congress protests in pictures”

  1. Great photos Felipe.

    From the judgement of Judge Pedraz on the 25-S protestors brought before the Audiencia Nacional charged with subversion of the political process:

    “It is not right to forbid the support or defence of ideas or doctrines, however far they may be from the constitutional framework, or even challenge it, and less right to prohibit the expression of subjective opinions on historical or current events, especially given the well-known decadence of the so-called political class.”

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