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Spain turns right, but where’s the far right?

Far-right in Spain

On November 20, 1975, Spain’s fascist dictator General Francisco Franco was pronounced dead. On that same day 36 years later, Spaniards went to the polls for a general election in which, unlike elsewhere in Europe, the far right was almost nowhere to be seen. But that doesn’t mean the country’s right-wing ghosts have been laid to rest entirely.

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How will Rajoy handle the new situation in the Basque Country?

How will Rajoy handle the new situation in the Basque Country?

In the wake of ETA’s announcement that it is ending its campaign of violence, Guy Hedgecoe looks ahead to the November 20 general election and how Mariano Rajoy, expected to become Spain’s next prime minister, will handle the new situation in the Basque Country.

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