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Recycling woes

When it comes to recycling, Spain is near the end of the line among other European Union members. According to Eurostat figures released March 8, Spain recycled only 15 percent of its garbage in 2009.


Germany ranked first by recycling treating half of its waste for that year. But the two countries both generated nearly the same amount of municipal waste per person — between 500 kg and 600 kg per person. Fifty-two percent of Spain´s garbage is dumped in landfills while that figure for Germany is zero. After recycling, incinerating and compost are the two other methods Germans use to dispose of their waste. In Spain, incineration accounted for nine percent and compost 24 percent. Yes, it may be a chore to put those plastic bottles in the yellow bin and walk down the street to deposit the glass bottles and paper inside those dark green square hubs. But it is time to catch up with the rest of Europe.

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Published: Mar 16 2011
Category: Iberoblog
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1 Comment for “Recycling woes”

  1. “Germany ranked first by recycling treating half of its waste for that year. But the two countries”-is not well written as the only reference to another country is in the under headline text.
    Re laziness;how masny times do I se madrileñ@s putting plastic bags of paper into the deposit,plastic bags alone,general rubbish too.Bags of recyclables,piles of cartons,plastic wrapping,bags clearly containing waste and recyclables in the grey bin and the area around the recycling banks used as dumps in general,even if there is a council service that comes around frequerntly?

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