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Welcome to Iberosphere…

Finally... phew! That was tough! After having my head stuck in PHP, CSS and HTML code for the last month to the point where I was actually rattling off taglines and text attributes in my sleep, Iberosphere is finally up and running.


Having served us well for more than a year, the original site has been retired in favor of a more visually pleasing theme, more interactivity and a more pronounceable name.

We’ve also launched a new blog section: the Iberoblog, where we aim to offer an alternative view of Iberian affairs.

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of the new site.


Published: Feb 27 2011
Category: Iberoblog
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2 Comments for “Welcome to Iberosphere…”

  1. The name is alright, and I think it’s a great idea to connect the magazine with social media tools. But I have to say that the old Iberosphere was far more ‘stylish’: the typography was graceful, and the overall design of the website was more sober and clearer. Now this has changed for the worst unfortunately, too many features on the one page and the red “S” logo it’s more evil than warm…
    Still, I will be an avid reader as I was – content is content, after all.

  2. Belatedly, congrats and good luck. Will be citing even more than before.

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