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Starting children in Spanish schools: the big decisions

When should children start school? Until recently I was of the opinion that later is better. I thought that most European countries didn’t begin their formal education until well after we did in England and congratulated them for it. So it came as something of a surprise when I made enquiries about starting dates for my son, Joseph. Although compulsory schooling in Spain starts at age six, I discovered that many families take up the option of starting their children at three.

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Expat kids in Spanish schools: The best days of their lives?

Foreign children in Spanish schools

Were your school days the best days of your life? Do you long to once more experience the aroma of school dinners and battle across the school field in all weathers? OK, it had its ups and downs, but generally and for most people, school was a blissful time of few worries and long holidays. However, for some British pupils in Spanish schools the experience is far from pleasurable.

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E-learning: new models, new challenges

Technology is changing modern societies, but education is lagging behind. Until we accept that education models must take new technologies into consideration we are doing little to advance the professional and personal training of people in the education system.

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