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Catalan cuisine faces the future by returning to its roots

Back to the future: Much cutting-edge Catalan cuisine refers to its rich past, such as this dish from Mam i Teca restaurant

In recent years, Catalonia’s chefs have become renowned across Spain and around the world for their molecular gastronomy. But many chefs in the north-eastern region are now moving in a more traditional direction.

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Cod preserved in thick layers of salt, providing a unique flavour and texture. Traditionally done as a way to store fish – though much of it now comes from Norway and Iceland – the dish remains popular all over Spain but especially in the Basque Country and Catalonia. In the latter region bunyola de bacalla […]

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Pa amb oli / tomàquet

Pa amb oli

Bread with olive oil (pa amb oli) or bread with tomato (pa amb tomàquet)? Actually, the two dishes are usually the same – rustic bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato and seasoned with garlic and salt, perhaps topped with a slice of jamón or manchego cheese. The difference lies in the name: the former […]

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