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Education in Spain: What do they need to know?

Spanish curriculum

What was the most useless lesson you were taught at school? Was it logarithms, algebra or how to use a slide rule? Did you really need to know about the Battle of Hastings or Henry VIII’s six wives? The debate about what schools should teach has been going on for centuries.

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Inside a Spanish school


Twenty eager faces. A calm and welcoming atmosphere and not a CCTV camera in sight. That was my initial impression of the class of 15 year olds at IES Haygón School in Alicante.

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Education in Spain, an international alternative

International schools in Spain

So you’ve made the decision. You’re moving to Spain and bringing your family with you. Perhaps with two children, you have one at primary school and one at secondary. The estate agent has assured you that education in the area is bountiful and good. What should your next step be?

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Starting up and settling in at school in Spain

We’ve all heard the story. The eager five year old comes back from the first day of school having survived the experience and expresses with surprise ‘I have to go back tomorrow as well?’ And the next day… and the next day…

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Kitting the kids out for school in Spain

Starting in a Spanish school? It’s not just about turning up on the day. And yet, many parents seem surprised that there is more to it than that.

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Starting children in Spanish schools: the big decisions

When should children start school? Until recently I was of the opinion that later is better. I thought that most European countries didn’t begin their formal education until well after we did in England and congratulated them for it. So it came as something of a surprise when I made enquiries about starting dates for my son, Joseph. Although compulsory schooling in Spain starts at age six, I discovered that many families take up the option of starting their children at three.

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