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Spain in 2012: An Economic and Political Analysis and Survey of Analysts

Spain on the Rocks?


A new government, a looming recession, a debt crisis, Europe’s highest unemployment rate, a protest-prone public and a euro currency teetering on the brink of collapse: Spain faces multiple economic, political and social challenges in 2012.

Spain on the Rocks? – a 36-page report produced by Iberosphere – analyses the economic and political situation in Spain and looks at the challenges the country will face in 2012.

The analysis of the economy addresses:

  • Spain’s debt and deficit crisis
  • Economic growth
  • Unemployment and the labour market
  • The banking sector
  • Austerity measures

The analysis of Spanish politics addresses:

  • Government economic and social policies
  • European and foreign relations
  • ETA and Basque nationalism
  • Madrid’s relations with Catalonia
  • Potential social unrest

Each analysis is followed by a survey of analysts, who offer insights and possible solutions to the challenges facing Spain in 2012.

Analysts surveyed on the economy:

  • Gayle Allard
  • José Antonio Herce
  • Edward Hugh
  • Ismael Sanz

Analysts surveyed on Spanish politics:

  • Santos Juliá
  • Josep Lobera
  • Ramón Pacheco Pardo
  • José Manuel Ruano


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