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Spanish Food

Spanish chefs at the top end of haute cuisine such as Ferran Adrià may be cooking up a media storm with dishes such as “carrot air,” but the basics of Spanish food are much more humble and hearty. Mediterranean influences and regional traditions mix with a “living to eat” attitude to create foods that are now recognised worldwide. There are no five “best” Spanish dishes, but here’s a tasty selection:

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 Spanish Food

 Spanish Food

 Spanish Food

 Spanish Food

 Spanish Food

 Spanish Food


Certainly chowing down on the little brown gastropods is not to everybody's liking, though across Spain they can easily be found on restaurant and ...

 Spanish Food


The iconic dish of Spain. The food version of flamenco. And, like flamenco, there are as many styles as there are people to ...

 Spanish Food

Pa amb oli / tomàquet

Bread with olive oil (pa amb oli) or bread with tomato (pa amb tomàquet)? Actually, the two dishes are usually the same - rustic ...

 Spanish Food


There are now fancy tapas bars in the stylish parts of almost every city worldwide. But in Spain tapas run the gamut, from elegantly ...

 Spanish Food


Cod preserved in thick layers of salt, providing a unique flavour and texture. Traditionally done as a way to store fish - though much ...

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  1. That bread with salami in the photo looks like more an Italian prostitution of Pa’mb Tomaquet. Cherry tomatoes are a no-go, let alone the salami!
    A proper Pa’mb tomaquet would have normal tomatoes squeezed over the bread, a little virgin olive oil, and, maybe, Spanish jam, preferably of the ‘Bellota’ kind.

    Also about the article… snails? You guys get this serveed when you come to Spain?

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