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About the name change

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Qorreo has a new look and a new name: Iberosphere.

There are many reasons for this. The main one being experience. Since we founded Qorreo more than a year ago we’ve learned a lot about launching a news website from scratch, running and maintaining it. It’s been a period with a lot of ups and downs: we’ve published many widely read articles, been quoted by major news organizations, had a few technical hiccups and put a lot of effort into increasing our exposure. We’ve also built up a loyal readership, principally from Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, we came to the conclusion that Qorreo – a play on the Spanish word correo or mail – was perhaps not the right name. English speakers had a hard time spelling and pronouncing it, Spanish speakers were similarly confused over the spelling and meaning. After much head-scratching, we decided to rename the site Iberosphere, a term we coined to reflect our area of coverage. To us it seems a more logical choice: it’s easier for both Spanish and English speakers to spell and pronounce, and better reflects what the website is about.

So, we thought, if we’re going to change the name and move to a new domain, why not upgrade the website at the same time? Hence we have a brand new look and theme, not only more visually appealing but also more interactive with better connections through social media and networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, along with better image and video integration.

We’ve also launched a new section: the Iberoblog. It’s a bit of the website where Iberosphere’s editors and writers can express opinions, publish news stories, or simply comment on things that don’t necessarily fit into our existing categories. We aim to offer readers a lighter, livelier and alternative take on Iberian affairs – from the factual to the farcical – and hope you will join in with comments and lively discussions.

At the same time we plan to continue to produce the well-researched and thought-provoking articles about Spain, Portugal and the countries within their respective spheres of influence that have won us international recognition and a loyal readership.

Though at the moment Iberosphere remains an unfunded labor of love (we can’t thank our contributors enough for all the effort they have put in), we aim to gradually incorporate  advertising into the site, which should provide us with the resources we need to launch new features and expand our news coverage. We have many ideas and projects for the future for Iberosphere so please stick with us. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions – you can do that here.

Andrew and Guy

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