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Spain’s “Robin Hood” labour union hogs the limelight

The Andalusian SAT workers’ union has been hitting the headlines in Spain and abroad this summer, staging a series of high-profile protest actions. In early August, members of the union carried out “symbolic” raids on two supermarkets, stealing food that they said was destined for local charities. Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, the mayor of the town of Marinaleda, supervised the robberies, which saw several people subsequently arrested. He said the food grabs would draw attention to the depth of Spain’s economic crisis, although the government and many commentators have criticised them for encouraging lawlessness.

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Exchange rates in holding pattern as markets await central bank action

The euro has held more or less the same rate against the pound and US dollar for six weeks now, as the markets await ECB and Fed action. So what’s keeping them, and how will that affect you?

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La Liga: Real Madrid and Barcelona prepare to do battle


As the 2012/13 season kicks off, the big two prepare for another fight to the death for every trophy but Barça will do so with a new coach that José Mourinho knows all too well. Meanwhile, Qatari-owned Málaga experience cashflow problems.

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Spain’s reluctance to request aid weighs on the euro

The European Central Bank has a plan to cut Spain’s borrowing costs. But with so many strings attached, Spain isn’t sure it wants it. That’s putting pressure on the euro.

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Spain and Sod’s Law

Marina Alabau

Spain’s lack of medals at the London Olympics is puzzling. But the reaction to it is even more dismaying.

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A life in song

Chavela Vargas.

Chavela Vargas – legend of Mexican music, friend of Frida Kahlo, and sexually liberated hell-raiser – has died.

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