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Euro sinks as Eurozone commitment wavers

French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said to officials in Washington: “People are, I think, happily surprised about what we’re doing.” To which, I would have asked Monsieur Moscovici had I been there, to which people are you referring?

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Profile: The incombustible Carmen Cervera Thyssen

Carmen Cervera

She holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Spaniards, not so much for her role as a matron of the arts, but for her insouciance in the face of a family feud.

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Disentangling Spain’s new medical prescription co-payment process

Spanish pharmacy

Now that Spain’s new co-payment system for medications and prescription charges has come into effect we are beginning to see what the process looks like. There has been a lot of anxiety among residents of all nationalities about what the implications might be. This has not been helped by the trickle of information and regional differences in application.

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A slice of Vegas in Spain stirs controversy


Plans by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson to build a massive gambling complex in Madrid or Barcelona have fuelled the rivalry between the two cities. But they have also drawn criticism for the economic model the project would introduce to the winning city.

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Euro plunges as Spain cuts deeper

Rajoy announces new cutbacks

The euro sits at multi-year lows against both the pound and US dollar this week on the back of Spain’s latest batch of tough austerity measures.

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Singing miners march on Madrid

Miners who have marched over 400 kilometres from the north of Spain to protest against government cuts gather to sing on their arrival in Aravaca, near Madrid, on July 9. Over 200 miners from Asturias, Castilla y León and Aragón took part in the march, which they hope will persuade the government not to cut 200 million euros in annual subsidies for the sector. The miners argue that this cut will effectively bring an end to Spain’s coal industry. The song they and supporters are singing is ‘Santa Bárbara Bendita’, a traditional mining ballad.

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